The Ultimate Guide to Clean Water

Reverse Osmosis
for the Home

Installing a reverse osmosis system under your sink is one of the most cost effective ways to delivery purified drinking water to your family.

Reverse Osmosis
for Your Business

Many industries rely on reverse osmosis to purify water. From restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops to paper mills and power plants; reverse osmosis is being used to keep industry flowing

Water Softening

The process of removing metals and minerals such as calcium and magnesium that make water hard which clog pipes, drys skin, and make soap difficult to lather and rinse.

Is My Water Safe To Drink?

Find and understand your local Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) which is required by the EPA for all Community Water Systems.

Water testing kits are inexpensive and are an essential starting point to clean safe drinking water.

Make sure the filtration system you choose is backed by the Water Quality Association and meets all of their standards.

Why does my water taste bad?

There are numerous pollutants, chemicals, and minerals that can affect the way your water taste.

EPA estimates that 10 to 20 percent of human exposure to lead may come from lead in drinking water.US EPA

Shouldn’t all tap water be safe?

Not necessarily. Often times taps water only meets minimal EPA requirements, which may not be good enough for your family.

You Should Always:

  • Make sure you know what’s in your water.
  • Investigate any odd smells or taste immediately.
  • Take proactive measures to make sure your family’s water is as healthy as possible.

Water and Your Body

  • Water is essential to keep your eyes moist and to produce tears. With adequate water your eyes will become dry, itchy, and irritated.
  • Drinking Adequate Water keeps your hair hydrated and strong. When you hair is strong it grows faster and looks more healthy. Water acts as an inside-to-out natural conditioner for hair as it delivers vital nutrients and moisture.
  • Skin that is adequately hydrated is less prone to becoming dry, scaly, and wrinkled. After increasing their water intake many people report that their skin becomes glowing and more radiant looking.

Water in Your Shower

The quality of the water in your shower can definitely have an effect on your skin and hair. If you’ve ever been in a chlorinated swimming pool you already know the effects chlorine can have. While the shower may be less intense dry skin and hair can still be an issue. Hard water in your shower can also dry your skin and hair because it’s much more difficult to rinse soap and shampoo in hard water conditions.

Water and Your Appliances

From your refrigerator to your dishwasher, washing machine, and coffee maker, many appliances in your home rely on water to do their job. When water impurities such as calcium and magnesium, which create hard water, are present they can greatly affect your appliances performance and lifespan.